Vulnerable Persons

Vulnerable consumer

A vulnerable consumer is a consumer who is less likely to be able to make fully informed or rational  decisions due to a specific characteristic, circumstance or need and may be likely to suffer detriment  as a result. To make this easier for these consumers to manage, and in line with the guidance that  we offer, we don’t ask any consumer to perform a self-service process or fill out a form. We aim to  respond to with any kind of request directly, for example with regard to mental health challenges  (addiction, anxiety), learning difficulties, financial challenges, if your phone has been stolen, or has been used without permission, or any other risk which we read or hear from consumers.  


Telephone:  02 381112259

Email:  [email protected]

Complaints Procedure

Webite’s Complaints Procedure is as follows and is also part of our terms & conditions.

1. You observe a charge or challenge with your mobile bill.

If something should be resolved, you should contact us straight away, so we have a chance  to put things into the right perspective. Do this as soon as you notice the issue. You can  make a complaint by email or on the phone during the normal business hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). A voice mail is in place after working hours where you can leave your message that will be returned to you within 24 hours. .

2. Supply mobile number.

We recommend that you give us the mobile number that is receiving the charged messages. We won’t be able to process the complaint without this. In our reply we will then return a complete message log of that mobile number and the details of what was processed, to help resolve the  case, such as a confirmation of your (un)subscription. .

3. Follow-up  

If you have a complex complaint, and you are able to do so, then it’s a good idea to send an email with the details so that there’s no room for confusion. We may ask for more information to help understand and resolve the complaint. We’ll then be able to help resolve your query as quickly as possible.

4. Offer a sufficient solution for your situation

If the complaint remains unresolved, we will carry out a fair and reasonable solution proposal considering:

a. Relevant regulation, 

b. Relevant self-regulation,

c. What is accepted as good industry practice, such as, to the letter and the spirit, of the policies in accordance with the AIMM Vulnerable Persons Guidance 2022.

We will respond to your query within 2 working days, most of the times even shorter, however some complex matters can take longer to resolve than average. You can speed up the process by making sure you give us all the details that are requested as soon as possible. We will resolve your query within ultimately 7 working days of your initial contact.

Refund Policy

Webite’s Refund Policy is as follows and is also part of our terms & conditions.

  1. Ways of refunding.

First we inform about the ways of refunding and the purpose of the refund. When the respondent is approached with the ways of refunding the respondent is invited to give his/her Paypal email address (please let us know that address) or a Post Office Payout SMS (free of charge) to the mobile phone. We can also ask for bank account (please indicate the IBAN number and your full name).

2. Enabling the refund.

We will collect not more data than necessary to enable the refund.  Extra care is taken into consideration in order to protect vulnerable consumers with  excessive use, age verification, bereaved person, Ill health, mental health,  low Income, if this applies.

3. Data processing and protection.

Data is only processed in an identifiable form for as long is necessary to enable the refund, anonymisation is put into place as soon as possible. Technical and organisational measures are taken to secure the collected data and prevent any irregular or unauthorised access. Data are kept for not longer than 24 months.  All personal data is processed, kept confidential and is only disclosed to authorised officers.  

4. Dissatisfaction.

In case of dissatisfaction of the refund process please contact to file a complaint against the refund.  

Webite helps consumers to use mobile phones and the Internet safely with a range of measures and  precautions for end-users. The keyword here is responsibility. The use of new media is a topic that is not just relevant to the end-user of mobile phones. Webite works to enable people, whether young or older – to use new technologies safely and adheres to a minimum set of responsibilities. Within Webite, we offer (mobile) services/content and we are aware that characteristics,  circumstances or needs displayed by a consumer might make them vulnerable in respect of these  (mobile) services/content. As such, creation, operation and promotion of these services are considered, with these persons in mind.

April 2022

We reserve the right to make adjustments. Important adjustments are made known on this site.